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Spelt Drilling Complete!

It is always a relief when farmers can pack away the seed drill for the season having worked the land and planted the next years crops in the ground. For us getting our spelt in the ground has been a careful balancing act playing along with the fine British weather. We were lucky last week to have a couple of days of clear weather to get drilling and rolling and the spelt is all in the ground.

All the drilling for this season is finished at New Barnes, the oil seed rape was all tucked up in the first week of September. The rest of the wheat was all finished rolling this morning in the haze of the Ophelia sun.


We have been very fortunate this summer not to be faced with a multitude of break downs, only one small burst hydraulic pipe at 7pm on a Sunday evening. Our amazing local dealership were working late on another farmers mishap which allowed Mr Toad to fetch a brand new pipe and carry on harvesting until 3am when Uncle decided enough was enough. The beans were brought safely into the shed two weeks ago, a slightly late harvest this year thanks to the wet September we had here in Herefordshire.

There is something really special once the seed has been planted into the ground to see the first emergence of the vibrant lime green rows of new shoots, showing that all the care and attention to prepare a nutritious and well cultivated seed bed was worth it. At New Barnes we have a muck for straw agreement with a neighbouring beef farm; this means that they bale all of the straw out of the combine harvester use it as bedding for their cattle and return it to us full of all things good as farmyard manure! This makes for a wonderful fertiliser and soil conditioner for our fields.

The spelt is in and starting to grow, we now need a good cold winter to help our beloved crop with its vernalisation period which will drive the plant to reproduce and provide us with the grains we need for our Toad’s Mill Spelt Flour.

Mrs Toad x

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