Our Spelt Flour | Toads Mill
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Our Spelt Flour

Delivered to your door if you buy online or available from your local stockist

Toad’s Mill Spelt Flour

Our Spelt is very special to us. It is uncommon for arable farmers to actually eat bread made with the grain from their fields. Normally the crop is harvested and put into lorries and we wave goodbye to it at the farm gate. For my Grandmother who has farmed the land for 60 years, this year’s Spelt was the first time she had tasted home grown bread, a very exciting, proud and emotional moment for us all.

Our dream is to produce the most exceptional quality flour, on our small family farm in Herefordshire. The Spelt grain is milled in small batches with nothing ever added. No improvers, raising agents or other peculiar things. Our flour bags contain only the very best of the British countryside.

Spelt Triticum spelta, is an ancient grain which is hardier and more nutritious than your modern wheat with a subtle but delicious nutty flavour. The grain grows in a husk which needs to be removed following harvesting with our new dehulling machine. Our grain is then slowly stoneground at a water-mill and returned to us ready for processing and distribution to bakeries and farm shops.

Our Spelt flour is versatile in its baking abilities making the most wonderful loaves, but also gives fabulous results when making pastries, pancakes and pizza! We offer two varieties of Spelt flour, Wholemeal and Light White.

Keep an eye on our newsfeed for recipe suggestions to use with our Toad’s Mill spelt flour.

Light white Spelt flour

Our light white spelt flour is an easier working flour and fantastic for finer and more delicate baking. The flour is a finer consistency than the wholemeal with a beautiful ivory cream colour. It takes on a fantastic pale caramel when baked into loaves, and produces quite frankly magnificent Yorkshire puddings!

Toad's Mill Light White Spelt Flour

Wholemeal Spelt Flour

Our wholemeal spelt flour is a little more typical of spelt you may have eaten in the past. The wholemeal is a coarser flour with no bran removed. The flour takes more work and care however it produces fantastic tasting and textured loaves which contain all the goodness which is in the grain itself. The wholemeal truly shows off the delicate nutty flavour of Spelt which can be used to make some beautifully coloured and wholesome homemade brownies and cookies.

Toad's Mill Wholemeal Spelt Flour

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