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Honeymoon, mountains and cows

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited, the perfect place for our honeymoon. Wonderful food, beautiful views, stunning mountains, excellent beer, lots of cows and of course my handsome Mr Toad. I have been there in the winter a couple of times, but not during the summer for over 20 years. I was not disappointed!

We were on the look out for the famous “small and white” Edelweiss on the mountains. Carefully we studied every white flower we could find. Eventually we managed to find some in a plant pot in a lovely log cabin which plied us with honeymoon treats of hot chocolate and biscuits!

As we walked down a path we heard the heavenly sound of cow bells in the moutains, bringing a tear to my eye. Both of us were desperate to hear the bells and see these beautiful animals whilst we were away. Of course we followed the sound to find the whole herd from Zermatt escaped from their field, all 30 cows! Chatting to the farmer in broken English and French we learnt a lot about the practices of Swiss Alp dairy farming . The cows are moved up the mountain during June and July with two weeks at the highest pastures. We were thrilled, as the foodies we are, to try some of the soft cheese, chocolate and strawberry jam he offered; very different flavour but very pleasant.

Mr Toad and I found walking in the mountains a great time to unwind, and we even managed to stop thinking about our Spelt once or twice. We have come back fully refreshed and raring to go with Toad’s Mill. We have  got stockists for our flour now scattered about Herefordshire, more details on this to follow soon.

Mrs Toad x


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